Month: July 2012

Flight from KAKH to KEHO with GPS approach into KEHO. X-Plane Demo of

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GPS approach from KEHO to KAKH using Microsoft FSX GPSsimcable Demo with FSX

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Even with todays GPS moving maps?

New V-12 Diesel/Jet-A engine for General aviation.

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Technology born from flight simulation. The VP-400 finds the best airport to land then flies your airplane to the runway threshold. Know instantly what your options are. The Vertical Power VP-400 is a next-generation backup EFIS that complements today’s primary

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Austin Myers developer of X-Plane new Lancair EVO fly’s to Oshkosh

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If anyone gets a chance to attend please get there if you can. You will have a blast! The latest portable ADS-B receiver is out, and it’s from Garmin. The GDL 39 is a sleek little package with a fold-out antenna and an optional four-hour internal battery. The unit is a WAAS receiver, an ADS-B receiver and

Wow this new version of foreflight 4.6 is like flying with a high end FMS on the iPad! 

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