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ADS-B is on its way, and it promises to change the way you fly. While it’ll make our skies safer, it’s not always the easiest system to understand. Lucky for you, the Garmin ADS-B Academy is here to give you the resources you need to make smart, informed decisions about how to transition to this new air traffic technology. Here, you’ll learn how this new system works, plan how to equip your aircraft, and even discover how you can make the most of ADS-B by receiving datalink traffic and subscription-free weather.


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New Flight simulation cable and Bluetooth solution

Cable and Bluetooth cable solution for $199.00 and $599.00
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Demo of X-Plane 10.10 using GPSsimcable

Flight from KAKH to KEHO with GPS approach into KEHO.

X-Plane Demo of GPSsimcable.com
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Demo Video of using GPSsimcable with FSX & Garmin Pilot

GPS approach from KEHO to KAKH using Microsoft FSX

GPSsimcable Demo with FSX
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C-17 Lands at the wrong airport!

Even with todays GPS moving maps?


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New general aviation piston engine

New V-12 Diesel/Jet-A engine for General aviation.



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Technology born from flight simulation.

The VP-400 finds the best airport to land then flies your airplane to the runway threshold.

Know instantly what your options are.

The Vertical Power VP-400 is a next-generation backup EFIS that complements today’s primary EFIS products and incorporates its own independent solid-state gyros, GPS receiver, and electronic circuit breaker system




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Austin Myers developer of X-Plane new Lancair EVO fly’s to Oshkosh



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Airventure has started!

If anyone gets a chance to attend please get there if you can. You will have a blast!


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New GDL 39 Cool stuff!


The latest portable ADS-B receiver is out, and it’s from Garmin. The GDL 39 is a sleek little package with a fold-out antenna and an optional four-hour internal battery. The unit is a WAAS receiver, an ADS-B receiver and a bluetooth device, to boot. The system currently works with Garmin Pilot, the company’s excellent all-in-one iPad app that gives you moving map, charts, weather, terrain alerting, airport and FBO info and more.

Video review

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