FS2004&FSX-Install Document

http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html   download FSUIPC4  4.84


Note: For FSX this facility is part of FSUIPC4 and needs user registration which can be purchased at the link above.

Xplane9-10-Install Document





Video of installing GPSsimcable on a laptop including USB to RS232 adapter setup.



What amazes me the most, is how technology is catching up to the real world.  This flight was with my Girls from Gastonia North Carolina which is inside Charlotte Class B airspace  to Dayton. I dropped them off and continued on to Oshkosh.  Look at how we interact now with Pilotedge.net network, and now having the capability  to use our iPads with the same applications is priceless and a lot easier on the pocket book.